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Blood Altar - Heroes of the Storm FanArt

Here is my End of Year School Project: Following an Artistic direction, our group had to create a DLC.
Choosing "Heroes of The Storm", we wanted to set our extension in a Maya/Inca world, making it close to Zandalari's culture from WoW.
We set the story and the gameplay together. From there each of us had a specific task but we kept the unity between us 4 during all the project.

I worked on the Environment.
I first started to understand how to design an environment for MOBA and proposed 2d concepts to set the universe.
I looked for how to fit in a top view map that matched with the gameplay.
Then I focused my work on creating modular props in order to create multiples villages with few meshes.
I had a lot of fun to learn about blizzard style !!!

Here are the links to my comrades' portfolios :
Johann Ehwalt :
Thomas Lafaurie-Bianchi :
Gabriel Sessekouoh

Blood Altar Temple

Fountain House - Blood Altar