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BeyondTheLine Interior

Beyond The Line is my graduation project :

In an alternative reality where the ColdWar has continued to our time,
the Player joins a group of rebels who try to take down the two dystopian blocks.

This project was realized with my great teammates :

Johann EHWALT (character artist)

Gabriel SESSEKOUOH (character artist)

I was in charge of the entire environment and integration on Unreal Engine 4.
Here you can see the Interior Level, inspired by the "Galerie d'Apollon" from the Louvre.
Many props and assets are inspired by Wolfenstein or Dishonored.

A big thanks to New3dge Art school and their staff, my teachers Pierre Gabriel Chouzy, Yannick Gombart, Guillaume Deschamps, Damien Brisson, Jeremy Vitry, Anthony Lematayer and Arthur Trouslard.

BeyondTheLine Interior

BeyondTheLine DioramaInterior

BeyondTheLine Intro

BeyondTheLine Gameplay